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Walking is good, it’s healthy and a good form of exercise. But hang on, there is even a better way to stay fit, cycling, not just cycling but cycling on a hybrid bike. What is a hybrid bicycle (bike)? A hybrid bike is a versatile, adaptable, hard knock bicycle that is ideal for the road and off-road environments. It is essentially a cross between a road and a mountain bicycle.

Why choose a hybrid bicycle?

What is hybrid bike? There are many reasons as to why purchase a hybrid and this article will aim to present a detailed answer to that question.

  1. Hybrid bikes are an effective combo of a road and a mountain bike. Talk of killing two birds with one stone. The tires are designed with the outside of the tire having a rough tread, and on the inside, a smooth parallel tread. A great combination to deal with the average everyday road combinations.
  2. They possess large fast rolling wheels; this makes cycling easy.
  3. Hybrid bike tires also allow for more grip, in comparison to the dedicated road bike, due to its wide size and durability.
  4. Hybrids also are among the most comfortable bikes to ride. No curved handle bars like in the case of dedicated road bikes, hybrid bikes handles are long, flat, and easy to handle providing a relaxed cycling experience. No upper torso aches.
  5. Hybrid bikes brake positions are just in the right place, at the ends of the handlebars. Their position makes them comfortable to reach and easy to use. Braking in hybrid bicycles can vary depending on the models, but V-brake systems are common, in addition to mechanical and hydraulic disc systems.
  6. Hybrids bicycles, when it comes to gearing, they usually offer a wide array of gearing; the most typical being wide-ranging cassettes and triple chainsets. However there are exceptions, hybrids can be augmented with hub gears for near maintenance and free mile cycling, while the single-speed models offer simplicity just like their name.
  7. Hybrid bikes sometimes also come fitted with a suspension fork, providing comfort when riding on the bumpy off-road terrain.
  8. And finally, most manufacturers of hybrid bicycles know they are used for general purpose rather than specific like the road and mountain bikes, they have equipped them racks mounting and also mudguards.

The crucial bit to remember is that when it comes to the hybrid bicycle, it that is a bike that is a jack of all trades but a master of none. In the long run, a road bike will be faster than the hybrid, and the mountain bike will be better adapted and suited for off-road cycling. However, for the enthusiast who likes to shift within and without the constraints of road disciplines and wants to explore a mixed terrain comfortably without loss of comfortability, this hybrid superbike is ideal.

However like with all consumer commodities it is important that research is done to find the hybrid bicycle that is worth your budget and performs exceptionally to your specifications and desires.


Best Commuter Bikes to Buy in 2016

What Is the Best Commuter Bike?


If you are wondering what is the best commuter bike for you, the answer will depend on your references and needs. Defining the best commuter bike will totally depend on the user’s’ demands. When planning to purchase commuter bike like dahon speed uno, you may want to consider few things below to locate the best unit for you.




The best commuter bike should be comfortable for both long and short trip. As you expect, you will be able to use it for commuting routinely without any hassle and fuzz. Commuting is one tricky activity since no one wants to get tired and pain when arriving. Find comfortable bike for commuting, at this point, is very crucial.


Not Pricey


What I meant is that you don’t need to spend more than what you can afford. Commuting does not have to be expensive. Meanwhile, cycling is surely cheaper than any other transportation system.


Speed Up Your Life


The commuter bike is no good if it does not shorten the time to reach the destination. Or at least commuting does not waste much time. Commuter bikes are generally time cutter because they can easily pass through crowd and traffic jam. It goes without saying that best commuter bike must be fast enough to speed up your life.


The Bike Does Not Drain Your Effort


You must be aware of one common problem after cycling, “sweaty suit”. Yes, it is very annoying. It means that you need to have shower or at least change your suit when arriving at office. If you are experiencing this, then you haven’t found the best commuter bike yet. The idea of saving time will be vanished just because of this. But fortunately market has given many options to folks. If usual bikes cannot guarantee you away from “sweaty suit” then you can use electrical bike instead.


Electric bike features the assistance when pedaling. This has on/off power, which you can operate whenever you need important boost. That way you can commute without sweating too much.




Whether you choose electric or mechanical bike, make sure you choose the portable ones. It comes with a good reason really. The portable bike tends to be smaller and lightweight so that you can easily carry it when getting on the public transportation. Folding bike is the best type of the unit.


Can Cope with the Distance


The best commuter bike is one, which can cope with the distance from your home to the destination. So it is important to ask yourself about how far you will go with your bike.


Many manufacturers come with remarkable units you can find on the market. Get one and learn how to use one of those.

Afford an Easy Lifestyle with Wireless Sound Systems...

How to Find the Best Soundbar for the Money


Built-in speakers in your TV may not give you the best experience in your home entertainment. If you want to enhance the audio experience, the name you should look at is sound bar. As the name suggests, it is a bar with left and right speakers in it. The bar can deliver audio from TV from various connections. The sound bar is mostly better than any built-in speakers in the TV. Most of the units come with their own power supply and amplification so they can deliver louder sound than normal TV’s speakers. The best of all, it does not require such complex procedure to install it in your house. If you want to look for the best soundbar for the money which are mostly the best soundbar under 150 range, you need to read this until finish.


There are many different types of sound bars depending on the features. There are some with subwoofers, some without. To decide which one is good for your money, it also depend on your needs. In my personal opinion both multichannel and single channel soundbar can give you the best experience. With the multi channel sound bar, you will get more complete sense of the sounds. Sound bars generally come with 2 or 2.1 channel. Unlike the traditional sound system, soundbar comes with sophisticated software that allows the users to adjust their sound enhancement.


Using soundbar with subwoofer can be great idea or not. Again, it depends on your need. The tricky part of this is that most subwoofers have its own amplification. That’s why you need to adjust it separately from the main soundbar. If the subwoofer volume is not well balanced, it will ruin the quality of the sound. You may want to read the manual given in the box. Adjust the volume gradually until it reaches acceptable sounds in your ears.
To choose the right sound bar, you need to make use of your money maximally. How much money do you want to spend? What kind of sound bar do you want to purchase? If budget is your concern, there are many sound bars which cost below $100 and still give you best soundbar for the money such as Craig Electronics CHT923, Polk Audio 32 in., Coby CSMP95 Super Slim Sound bar, Philips, CSS2133BF7, and many more.




If you are audiophile who wants to get the best soundbar for the money, there will be time and effort you must contribute. Take your time to compare one sound bar to another. Of course you will find your sound bar sooner or later.




Truthfully speaking, most people would rather focus on other parts of a computer when it comes to building and costing. The negative results to this include the unfortunate experience of having an inappropriate computer monitor. Luckily, there’s a quicker way of finding the perfect monitor: following a simple do’s and dont’s list. Let us run this down.


  • Check the Size – getting a screen that’s either too large or too small for the space and purpose definitely kills the experience. It’s always best to find one that’s a perfect fit.
  • Accommodate Your Computer – One thing people fail to do is find monitors that will be compatible with their video card. This can defeat its purpose completely by simply failing to function.
  • Leave Room For Correction – Or in your monitor’s case, adjustability. Whether it be standing on a surface or mounted on a wall, you’ll always want to remember that you may have to reposition it for certain situations. Find one that’s fully adjustable.
  • Fit The Purpose – While a large, fully HD screen is always attractive to perspective buyers, remember that functionality is the key here. Get a screen that is appropriate for the situation. If it’s for basic work tasks or browsing, you may not need the most expensive one out there. Check if it suitable for multi monitor display setup if that is what you are aiming to do. In that case, check if it is a frameless monitor.


  • Buy Based on Price – This follows the classic quality over quantity principle. Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean that you should settle for the brandless, warranty-free model being pushed. In the same way, don’t buy it just because it’s expensive. Heavy prices don’t always guarantee that it’s good. Do the necessary research, save yourself some hassle and inconvenience.
  • Ignore The Label – Most monitors come with specific descriptions pertaining to their intended purpose. Buy a monitor that is advertised to do the job you need done. You probably won’t need a gaming monitor if you’re going to be using it for browsing alone.aid49635-728px-Set-Up-Two-Computer-Monitors-Step-3-Version-2
  • Buy It Without Trying It – The best way to find out if you like something is to use it yourself. You can’t always rely on reviews and recommendations. Every person is different, so you might find yourself disagreeing with what other people have to say. Test the model out and see if you like it. If not, you may need to dig a little more.
  • Forget What You’re Looking For – This still follows the “buy based on your purpose” principle. If you have some features that you deem absolutely necessary, such as anti-glare or built-in speakers, then look into models that have those features.


Ultimately, monitors come in all shapes, styles, sizes and systems. It can be easy to get confused or tired of having to choose. But remember: you’ll be spending the most time with a computer’s monitor. It’s more important than you think, so always choose wisely.





Generally speaking, a computer’s monitor isn’t necessarily the top priority when it comes to building a computer. People may even have the idea that any monitor will do in any situation. This may lead to buying any old monitor, then eventually finding several shortcomings that will raise the need to purchase a new one. Granted that this is the part of the computer you’ll generally have to pay attention to most of the time, you’re going to want to pick one that’s of good quality.

When choosing a monitor, there is a short list of general criteria you want to look out for. Of course, you’re going to want to consider pricing and space consumption. Additionally, you’re going to want to consider the purpose of your computer. Whether if it’s for work, multimedia, gaming or everyday use, here are a few things you’ll want to look out for.


Size and Resolution

Considering the position and the area of the surface you’ll be putting it on, you probably already have a rough idea of the size you want. But in relation to the size, you’ll also want to check out the resolution of the monitor. Resolution refers to how many pixels it displays and how sharp the imaging will come out. The best bet is to always look for higher resolution. The picture will not only be sharper, but there will be more room on the screen for you to use.

Panel Type

Panels generally have to do with the lighting and color elements of your monitor. There are three major types to choose from: Twisted Nematic (TN), Vertical Alignment (VA), and In-Plane Switching (IPS). They are the cheap and common, midrange and expensive options respectively. IPS panels come highly recommended for people who want better gaming and photo editing experiences. Otherwise, TN and VA Panels are fine.


Anti-Glare Coating

Most modern monitors will come with anti-glare coatings to prevent exposure to glare from light coming from behind you. While glossy screens generally produce sharper pictures, these may pose issues for people who intend to use them in brightly lit rooms. To get the best of both worlds, some monitors come with semi-glossy screens.

Connector Types

The simplest thing to look out for when buying a monitor is the type of connector you want to use. This will generally depend on your video card output. It is not uncommon to find video cards that have restrictions on specific port types, so always do research on your computer to make sure that the monitor you choose is adequate.



Response Time

This factor is particularly important for people who want to get good gaming experiences. Some lower end monitors may come with slight lag in response, which could pose to be a real problem in-game. Always check for a monitor with a good response time and refresh rate, depending on how fast you intend to do your tasks.


These are generally the most important things to look out for in a monitor. Other components such as built-in speakers and built-in USB ports are all matters of personal preference. It would also be wise to do research and read the reviews on the monitors that you are considering. It can never hurt to get a second opinion.